About "Jiráskova chata"


Welcome to the website of “Jiráskova chata” with the most beautiful lookout tower in the Hradec Králové region.The chalet is an architecture pearl of the Czech Tourist Club. We believe that the information we provide here will impress you and enrich your knowledge of the beautiful part of our country. We are looking forward to your visit and wish you a pleasant stay.

A Passage from the History

Dobrošov is a hill (624 m asl), located 2.5 km southeast of Náchod. In 1895 the Czech Tourist Club, affiliate in Náchod had built a chalet with a lookout tower, the first "tourist shelter" in the country. The high attendance of the chalet in the first decade of the 20th century caused that tourists from Náchod were planning to increase six-meter tower and expand the restaurant. "Already in 1910, it was being negotiated with Dušan Jurkovič, an architect ... and finally it had been decided: to build a gracefully articulated, covered with shingles, on a stone base exploded, practically furnished tower whose lane-like hexagonal tower with a wide wooden gallery will decorate the top of the memorable Dobrošov". Jurkovič created remodeling project in 1912. Immediately after the war a Czech writer Alois Jirásek was asked about the connection of a cottage with his name.
In 1919 there was a collection to raise funds declared. The archival material says that the construction of a new chalet with a lookout tower contributed “… 384 individuals and organizations from all over Bohemia. The collection earned 213,149.80 CZK, 11,000 bricks and 31 cubic metres of sand…" A foundation stone was laid July 9, 1921, on the occasion of the writer´s seventy birthday. The lodge was inaugurated September 30, 1923, and from December 1 the chalet ran in normal operation. In 1939, a competition was announced for the completion of the chalet. The best dealt Ing. architect Adolf Erben, who later added to the southwestern part of the cottage - spaced and simple-shaped functionalist building with a flat roof and large observation windows. Extension, creating an aesthetic distance from the neoplasm of Jurkovič´s original solution met all functional requirements and emphasized the contrast uniqueness of the original building. So far, the last reconstruction and extension of “Jiráskova chata” was completed in 2002. It was designed by Ing. architect Milan Weiner.
(source.- Vlastimil Havlik: Samuel Dušan Jurkovič - Projects, Reconstructions and Constructions in the Náchod Region, published 2012)